Fall Trees- Art Camp- Sept 25, 2017

During each major break in the Crested Butte Community School calendar, the Trailhead offers full-day Art & Science Camps where students can pursue hands-on projects and activities to ignite their creativity and imagination. These camps are designed with kids and parents in mind. Children are given the time and space to create and explore the mediums in a supportive environment. Camps are filled with fun, friends, art & play.

Today, we observed and talked about the changing of the seasons.  As we are transition into Fall there are so many beautiful colors on the mountain.  The kids have been really observant as well; noticing the fog moving, the colors changing, and the weather getting colder.

We practiced how fun it can be to mimic Natures’ imperfections by painting with straws and splattering with water colors.  The kids chose their fall colors and learned how to blow the paint around their paper with the straw.  Some of the younger kids had trouble with it at first, but soon followed their peers in moving the paint around with air.  They also learned how to splatter closely to their paper so, not to ruin their neighbors.  This was so much fun and they all turned out very unique!

Our finished abstract trees were all so vibrant and full of life!

Fall Watercolor Trees with Straws _ Splatter Paint

At Camp, we always have to have a good balance of Projects & Play!  As we finished our Fall Trees, we explored many of the new creative exhibits in the Camp Room.  The kids played with the Lego Wall, Building Blocks, The Weaving Loom, The Colorful Dominos, The Light Wall, and more!  We also got to stroll into town for a picnic at Rainbow park and outdoor playtime!

Enjoy our photos and make sure to sign up for next week’s Fall Break Camps below: http://www.trailheadkids.org/courses/school-break-camps/


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