After School Art- ORIGAMI!

This After School Art Class turned out to be so fun with 5 kindergarten girls learning how much fun it can be to fold paper! There are so many options, from very beginner to incredibly difficult and advanced Origami.  Because we had such young hands working, I pulled up some really fun and easy origami from the internet that Anyone Can DO!  I have shared a few of the Free Print Outs here in case any of you want to continue to practice at home.

We came up with some of our own terminology for the folds that the girls could easily relate to.  Learning to fold a diagonal becomes, “make a taco!”  Not only are we creating our own language in learning but the kids were able to practice their lefts and rights, following directions, being patient and waiting for friends, as well as designing their own creatures by giving them expression.

2017-09-27 16.35.25

Here you can see the before and after as the girls learn to fold, press, and score their Origami Cats!  Look at the adorable expressions they added with Sharpies!

2017-09-27 16.44.57

When we finish our art work early we also have an opportunity to play in the museum and at the Trailhead Tree House!  The kids are getting into a great flow of getting off the bus at the Mountaineer Lodge where Ms. Kara is waiting.  We walk together and talk about our day, have snack time, play and get creative!  We are having such a blast After School at the Trailhead!

In our Wednesday After School Art Classes we will be exploring a variety of Art Mediums!  Every 4-5 weeks, the Session will change giving the children an opportunity to work with one medium extensively before shifting!  This next session the kids will be exploring Glass & Tile Mosaics- Big Kid Art!  We are looking forward to creating with new materials and we’re excited that we will have some older kids joining us!  If you haven’t signed up for this new session, follow the link here-

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